Listen to Bruno Mars on iHeartRadio

Bruno Mars is all set to take over halftime at the Big Game this weekend and his fans will now be able to have access to exclusive Bruno content, including free downloads.

When fans Shazam Bruno's halftime show, they will receive exclusive access to a video of his performance of "If I Knew" live from his "Moonshine Jungle" tour in Paris, and they will be able to buy tickets to see the superstar during the next leg of his tour! 

In addition to the video, Shazam is also launching a new Timeline feature which will allow viewers to keep up-to-date with all the amazing performances, plays, and tweets during the Big Game. Fans will see key moments of the game, playlists of the Bruno Mars and Red Hot Chili Peppers performances, as well as playlists from the teams' cities.

Don't forget to Shazam it up this weekend!

Photo Credit Getty Images