(New York, NY)  --  If New York Yankees third baseman Alex Rodriguez appeals his expected Biogenesis suspension, Bud Selig  may really lay down the hammer.  The "Daily News" reports the commissioner would invoke a "preserving the integrity of the game" clause that would lead to a lifetime ban.  "A-Rod's" lawyer told ESPN New York's 98.7 FM that their focus is on an appeal and that Rodriguez wants to play again.  It's believed baseball would allow "A-Rod" to return in 2015 if he doesn't try and fight the suspension. 

The "Daily News" says suspensions for Rodriguez and 14 other players are expected to be announced imminently.  All have reportedly been linked to the Florida clinic accused of distributing performance-enhancing drugs.  Milwaukee Brewers outfielder Ryan Braun has already been suspended for the rest of this season.