New Mexico Signs On With Popular Vote Presidential Election Group

New Mexico is the 14th state to move away from the traditional use of the electoral college in presidential elections. Yesterday, Governor Michelle Luján Grisham signed House Bill 55 for her state to join the National Popular Vote Interstate Compact. By so doing, the Governor agrees with New Mexico Democrat Party lawmakers to give all the state's electoral college votes to the winner of the national popular vote. There were no New Mexico Republican lawmakers on board with the decision. The will of New Mexico voters would not be honored if they were to select a different candidate than the winner of the aggregated popular vote in the other NPVIC states. So far the NPVIC laws won't go into effect. The states approving it must equal 270 electoral votes. With New Mexico's alignment, there are now 189. Critics of the move away from the traditional use of the electoral college model claim there are constitutional problems with the compact and that if implemented, the end result would be that the most populous states such as California and New York could end up electing the U.S. president. NPVIC supporters deny the criticisms.

Photo: Getty


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