Pick the Pros!

Listen Thursday mornings for your chance to Pick the Pros! Each week, a listener will go up against a "celebrity" for a chance to win a weekly prize, and if they're in the top eight percentages at the end of the regular season, get a spot in the playoffs to vie for a Weber Genesis grill from Kirkwood Ace Hardware worth nearly $1,000! If there are ties to get into the top eight, qualifiers will be decided by computer drawing. Those names in bold are who would be in the playoffs if the season ended today.


O'Reilly 6-10 Rich From Carrington 10-6 63%

Arnold 11-5 Justin From Bismarck 13-3 81%

Chuck Foreman 10-6 Jake From Max 11-5 69%

Ex Prez Jimmy 11-5 Joe From Devils Lake 11-5 69%

Bernie 10-6 Troy From Bismarck 11-5 69%

Jim Roman 9-5 Scott From Gladstone 9-5 64%

Jesse Rostvedt 9-5 Linn From Mandan 9-5 64%

Ghost of Howard 6-9 Lucky From Bismarck 4-11 27%

Doc Fauci 7-7 Tyler From Benedict 6-8 43%

Kat Perkins 4-10 Mike From Mandan 8-6 57%

World's Most Powerful Rodent 9-6 Jessica From Bismarck 8-7 53%

Tom Turkey 11-5 Sam From Max 6-9 40%

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