I Was One Campaign Late! Crazy Bernie Promises to Forgive All Student Loans

RUSH: Well, the month of July is coming up, which means the month of June has gone by pretty fast. And there are other aspects of June that are just creeping along. You know, like I participate in the Apple beta software program. I could get a new beta every day, as far as I'm concerned, but it’s every two weeks, every three weeks, June just plods along.

And then I wake up today and find out this is Christmas week for the Democratic Party, meaning we're at the end of the month and the debates begin. We got two Democrat debates today. We got the big kids' and the little kids' debates this week. And it just means they got nothing but to offer things to give away.

So here comes Crazy Bernie -- I was a campaign late on this. I predicted that Hillary Clinton would offer to forgive all student loan debt in the 2016 campaign. I was right, but I was wrong by one campaign. It's Crazy Bernie that's gonna do it.

And then here comes Fauxcahontas. You know what she wants? She wants reparations for lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, and queer. That's what the LGBTQ means. And can we say that? Can we pronounce what Q means? If we're not, I mean – (interruption) Well, it better be permissible 'cause I just did it.

Reparations for all the discrimination that has taken place over the years. Warren comes out for gay reparations. Legislation's been equated to gay reparations. Under the Refund Equality Act, same-sex couples would be able to amend their past taxes, readjusting with jointly filed tax returns. Oh, this is the Ilhan Omar bill where you get to marry your brother in order to be able to file your taxes jointly and save money, then you divorce your brother after you get permitted to come into the country, and then you marry somebody else as your real husband for a time. You get to do that because the Minneapolis Star Tribune provides you cover as your security company for engaging in in this kind of –

Anyway, I'm looking forward to these debates and then I'm not. I'm looking forward to them for the same reason I'm not. I've gotta watch them. I've got to listen to the garbage. I cannot assign this to somebody. I have to do it. So in this sense June has kind of sped up. I mean, here it is already we got the Democrat debate. On the other side of things, things I really want to happen, it's been going slow as it can be.


And now here comes Crazy Bernie. They've run out of things. It's why Plugs had to come out yesterday or last week and say he's gonna cure cancer because everybody else is giving everything else away. Crazy Bernie's gonna give away college tuition, gonna give away student debt. Some other's gonna come along and give away life. You don't have to have a job. You don't even have to go to school. We're gonna give you universal basic income.

Here comes Fauxcahontas. If you are gay, we're gonna give you reparations on the fact you haven't been able to file joint taxes as a married couple all these years. They've got nothing to do, nothing to offer but freebies, giveaways, and now abject fear and panic.

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