What the Media Won’t Tell You About Trump’s Big North Carolina Win

RUSH: The special election in North Carolina. (laughing) This is so... Yesterday, the Drive-Bys have Trump losing the White House because of this election.  It was over.  It was a bellwether.  It was not even a possibility.  Now two Republicans won in North Carolina. Two of them! The Democrats get shellacked.  And the Drive-By Media headlines are still about "the trouble this win portends for Donald Trump."  It's flat-out hilarious.  I have that and whole bunch of other stuff, and we'll get to it when we get back.


RUSH: I want to read a headline to you here. And then I want to ask you, what'd you think might have happened after having read this headline? “North Carolina Gives Republicans a Wake-Up Call.” Would you think after reading that headline -- that headline, by the way, is from The Atlantic. If you read that headline -- let's say you didn't know anything. You didn't know there was a special election. You didn't know that -- well, no. Let's say that you did know there was a special election, but that's all you know. You have no idea really when it was. You don't know how it ended up.

So the next headline you see, “North Carolina Gives Republicans a Wake-Up Call.” You would think the Republicans lost the election, would you not? You would think that everybody expected the Republicans to win this. That all of the experts had weighed in, the conventional wisdom was that the Republicans were gonna win the special election and they didn't, and it was a huge wake-up call. You would not be blamed for thinking that.

And then this is how the story begins. “Why does election fraud happen? Because it works, of course. Usually it works because it’s undetected, and the candidate who commits the fraud, or on whose behalf it is committed, wins.”

So a classic illustration of the Drive-By Media with misinformation, fake news trying to make you think the Republicans lost, but they still tried to cheat nevertheless, but they didn't get away with it. The headline and the first paragraph of this story, that's what you would conclude.

You want to hear the truth? The truth is that the Republicans won the bellwether elections in North Carolina after all. The media are ignoring Greg Murphy's win because he won by a huge margin, 62% to 37. The Democrats got smoked in that election.

But in the other election, the Bishop-McCready race -- this is the one that everybody was -- the Drive-Bys were talking about was gonna be the harbinger of Trump's defeat in 2020. And they do that every special election with that clown Ossoff down in Georgia or any of the others. Every special election is gonna be a referendum on Trump, and so was this gonna be. And McCready was gonna win this thing, gonna run away with it. The Republicans were gonna get smoked.

There was all of this outside money. And it was true. This was the most expensive special election in U.S. history, not because of money spent natively. The Democrats tried once again to buy another seat in a formally red state, and yet the Republicans still won. And Bishop actually won by a bigger margin than the Republican candidate won by last year. And the Democrats and their media said that he cheated. That's what the election fraud's all about.

It's heartwarming to read and frustrating at the same time. But we talked about this yesterday. They had Bishop already defeated. Trump was on the way to losing in 2020. This was gonna be a harbinger. This was the early telltale sign. There's just one thing. Donald Trump went into North Carolina, he had a rally on Monday night.

Donald Trump turned this race around. If in fact the Republicans were on the way to losing it -- and we can't know that, because nobody knows the way people were gonna vote before the election. All we have were preelection polls. You can't trust them. You just don't know. But the conventional wisdom was the Republicans were gonna lose.

Trump goes in, turns the election, and you know where he turned it? Democrat rural strongholds. The Republican ended up getting a significant amount of support from Democrat areas, rural areas in this district. The Drive-Bys are not going to tell you that. And I'm not aware that they brought up Russia yet, but give them time.

Now, the Drive-Bys and the Democrats are consoling themselves by saying these elections prove that Republicans are in trouble in the suburbs! This is how it works. Oh, yeah, Trump might have won the hick vote, he might have gotten the hayseeds, but he's still in trouble in the suburbs. So even when Republicans win, they lose. When Republicans win with certain demographics, they lose. And there's no two ways about it.

Now, the reason the Democrats are so excited to try to convey that the Republicans have trouble in suburbia is the Democrats, already in their minds, own the cities. And so the conventional wisdom is that suburban women hate Donald Trump and that Trump was gonna lose this, even though Trump wasn't on the ballot. Bishop was gonna lose this because Republicans are hated by suburban women, particularly Donald Trump.

Here's AP's headline this morning, good example. It was originally: "GOP Holds North Carolina Seat, Easing Fears of Democrat Momentum." I guess that was too positive for the Republicans, so now the headline is: "GOP Holds North Carolina House Seat, But Shows Frailty in the Suburbs." Obviously, the Democrat base pummeled the AP. “What do you mean, reporting it that way?” I'm sure this happened.

The Democrat base on Twitter and wherever else pressures the AP and they change their headline, which has to indicate Republicans are in trouble.  "North Carolina Gives Republicans a Wake-up Call."  "GOP Holds North Carolina House Seat But Shows Frailty in Suburbs."  Here's the truth.  Dan Bishop, the Republican, won Cumberland County, North Carolina.  That county is 35% black.  There's a 35% black population in Cumberland County.  Republican Dan Bishop won it by a margin of 0.3%.

Donald Trump lost Cumberland County in 2016 by over 20,000 votes.  Tonight, the Republicans won it back.  So why isn't this the news?  Well, we know why this isn't the news 'cause this does not look good for the Democrats. They have a 35% black population in Cumberland County, North Carolina. Trump lost it by 20,000 votes in 2016.  Tonight, the Republicans win with a slight majority of black voters.  What's going on?  Well, take a look at African-American unemployment.  Take a look at African-American poverty dropping.

Take a look at African-American food stamp participation dropping.  Take a look at the number of African-Americans who have jobs and getting raises.  It's phenomenal!  It's more than ever happened for them when Democrats have been in control.  You could say this is historic.  Trump loses by 20,000 in a 35% black county, and the Republican wins it?  That is a trend the Drive-Bys do not want you knowing anything about.  The Democrats poured $8 million (about that) into this district, North Carolina 9.

They outspent the Republicans by a huge amount -- it was a big, big factor -- and they lost again!  They lost with Beto O'Rourke in Houston with all of that outside money in Texas, all that outside money.  This is what happens when Republicans fight back.  This is what happens when Republicans get in the game.  This is what happens when Republicans stop apologizing.  It's what happens when Republicans stop being moderates.  It's what happens when the Republicans stop begging people to not dislike them and just go out and fight for it, explain who they are.

Trump tweeted that Bishop was down by 14 points at one point in the polls, and that's exactly right.  Bishop comes back and wins.  Trump was a difference maker, he was a factor, and this has got to just destroy the media.  "Trump's over, don't you see? Trump's days are over! Trump has already been defeated.  Trump is either gonna be impeached or he's gonna be defeated in 2020.  Everybody hates Trump.  Trump doesn't have any power! He's losing his base!" And then he goes to North Carolina, and helps turn the black vote in a county -- and then the rural vote comes in -- and all the Democrats can say is the Republicans are in trouble in the suburbs.


RUSH: A couple of more stats on the North Carolina race.  Now, these come from Brad Parscale, who's running the Trump 2020 campaign.  In Robeson County, North Carolina... This is just south of Cumberland. It's a lot of numbers to try to follow here, but I am an excellent communicator.  I will make this clear.  In the 2018 midterms, the Republican candidate lost by 15 points.  Last night, Bishop lost by only 1.1%.  Now, they still lost, but that's a 14-point shift in Robeson County.  Now, there are a lot of reasons for this.

One of the reasons is Trump went in there. Trump worked hard and turned a lot of votes.  But do you know what else happened, folks?  Do you know what else happened?  One of the things the Bishop campaign did, the Republican, is they went around in their campaign and they talked a lot about The Squad. They talked a lot about Ilhan Omar. They talked a lot about Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, the Green New Deal, all of the craziness these people are proposing.  They talked about Rashida Tlaib -- and let me tell you something.

That, I think, was a huge factor in turning rural Democrats to the Republican.

You know, Democrats still have a bunch of rural voters. The Democrats don't care about 'em.  They make fun of 'em, just like they make fun of everybody that lives on a farm or a rural area.  But the Republican candidate was able to go in there, focusing on all of this craziness that's being talked about by The Squad -- Cortez and her gang -- and, according to the best information people been able to gather, that mattered. That worked in turning rural Democrat votes to Bishop, to the Republicans.  That's not a surprise, and it's something to learn for other Republicans as we head into 2020.


RUSH:  In his victory speech, Dan Bishop said that voters "said no to radical liberal policies."  The reason he said that is because that's what he told people he was opposing.  That's his description of The Squad, Ocasio-Cortez, Ilhan Omar, Rashida Tlaib and all the rest.