How about a "Someday-Maybe-Later" list?

If you ask my wife or any of my co-workers, they'll tell you I'm obsessed with listed. I have multi to-do lists going at all times. I actually have layers of to-do lists...I have a daily one, a weekly one, and so on.

But, what if that to-do list is actually working against me? recently did a story about a "Someday-Maybe-Later list. Dr. Stacy S. Kim, a life coach, says, "Set aside or postpone tasks to help remove some of the immediate stressors so you can focus", basically suggesting that the list itself can be a source of anxiety if or when we don't check everything off.

Maybe for me, it would be a little of both, I'll make a TO DO and LATER DO list. Kim says making these lists "instills you with the power to prioritize, say no, delegate, and postpone!

Click HERE to see the full story from Wired!

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