Guy Emails 246 Nicoles to Find Woman He Met at Bar

This is too good. A man named Carlos Zetina met a woman named Nicole in a bar and ended up emailing all 246 Nicoles in the college directory to attempt to find her after he took down the wrong number. 

According to BuzzFeed, who obtained a copy of his email, Carlos even added variations like Nicolette and Nickie in his search. 

"Hi, this is a mass e mail to all Nicole's [sic] if you don't fit this description then ignore and if you are the one and just don't want to talk to me that's ok as well. If you name is Nicole and you're from Holland and you think Nietzsche is depressing then text me ," he wrote. "... I'm Carlos btw I'm the guy who took you and your friend home last night." 

The Nicoles in the email then decided to join in on the fun, replying things like "Should we all say we’re the real Nicole?" and "Will the real Nicole please stand up?"

While Carlos and the real Nicole did end up connecting — and no, she didn’t mean to give him the wrong number! — the rest of the 245 Nicoles adorably ended up befriending each other and met up at a bar and created a “Nicole From Last Night” Facebook group. 

The original Nicole was in Calgary on exchange and hadn't memorized her Canadian number, hence why she gave out the wrong number and also why she never received the mass email because she doesn't have a university email.

But the Facebook group ended up helping them connect!

“Hi fellow Nicoles,” she wrote in the group that she eventually found. “I’m the exchange student from Holland who got brought home by Carlos … Don’t have an u of c email so didn’t get the beautiful email myself, but the powerful network of Nicole’s helped me get in touch hahaha.”

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