2023 KFYR Agri International Sponsors

2023 KFYR Agri International

February 14-15, 2023

Bismarck Event Center

This is a marketplace where farmers, ranchers, and agri-businesses meet. The event was created in 1977, as a way to show our appreciation, and to acknowledge the importance of agriculture to our economy.

ABC Seamless                                                                   Siding, Windows, Roofing, Gutters, Soffit-Fascia, Bath                                                         and Tub, Showers

4 Fires Enterprises                                                         Werk Weld Cattle Equip. Spray foam & Construction

701x Autonomous Rancher                                        GPS Cattle Tags, Digital Calving Clock

Acme Tools                                                                       Generators, Tools, Trailers, Compressors

Action Motor Sports                                                     Polaris ATVs, Suzuki ATVs & Side-by-sides

Aero-Tech Solutions                                                     Drone Ag spraying & Broadcasting

Ag4Ukraine                                                                      Connecting USA farmers and Ukraine

AgMarket.net                                                                 Commodity Marketing

Agricover                                                                           Truck Equipment

AGT Foods                                                                        Ag Processor

Air Seeder Parts LLC                                                      Replacement parts for John Deere air seeder

Amber Waves                                                                 Hopper bottom grain bins

Anchor Ingredients                                                       Specialty Crops

Arrow Service Team                                                     Restoration/Cleaning

B Z Welding                                                                      Livestock Handling Equipment

Backhaus and Sons Fencing                                        Fencing

Badlands Hemp                Hemp products

BEK Communications                                                   BEK sports, security & surveillance cameras

Benco Equipment                                                          Automotive Service Equipment

Benjamin's Deconstruction                                         Grain Handling and Storage

Big Iron No reserve online auction

Big O Tires                                                                         Tires

Birdsall Grain & Seed LLC                                             Seed & Agronomy

Bismarck Canvas                                                             Agriculture Tarp Applications

Bismarck-Mandan Tire Centers  Farm Tires

Bismarck State College                                               College

BlueHawk Audio                                                             Ag security systems

Bobcat of Mandan                                                           Payloader, Tractor, Skid Steers

Boulder Designs by Badlands Impressions            Custom boulders, commercial signage, engraved rocks

Bowerman Insurance                                                    Precision Crop Insurance Solutions

BPS Audit                                                                           Government Accountability

Bravera Bank                                                                    Financial services

Brenco Equipment                                                          Karcher Pressure Washers, Floor Scrubbers, Floor Sweepers

Bruner Angus Ranch                                                      Livestock

Butler Machinery                                                            Fendt Tractors

C & C Farms                                                                       Seed

Cargill Inc.                                                                           Audio/Video, Security/Surveillance, Game Room, Arcade

Caves                                                                                   Audio/Video, Security/Surveillance, Game Room, Arcade

Central Steel                                                                     Grain Storage, Grain Drying, Grain Handling

CHS Sunflower                                                                 Sunflower

Cleary Buildings                Post Frame Buildings

Common Sense Manufacturing                                 Feed bunks, bale feeders, wire winders, solar

Cottingham Insurance Agency                                  Farm/Crop/Home/Auto/Commercial/ Insurance

Crop Packaging Specialists                                           Baling products, netwrap, twine, silage wrap, wire

Crown Agro                                                                       Seed, Fertilizer, Ag Products

Custom Grain & Seed                                                    Seed Sales, Seed Treatment

Cutco Cutlery                                                                     Cutlery, Culinary Tools, BBQ & Garden Tools, Cookware, Sporting Knives

Dakota Ag Synergy                                                          Grain Trading Company

Dakota Community Bank & Trust                             Financial Services

Dakota Country Seed                                                    Riox Max Cattle mineral

Dakota Printing and Embroidery                               Branded Clothing and Work Wear

Dakota Soil Management                                            Monty's soil food/fertilizer

Dakota West Credit Union                                          Ag Lender

Dodgen Farm Supply                                                     Farm Supplies-Feed-Seed

Dvorak Motorsports                                                      Arctic Cat/CFMOTO

Edward Jones- Alexis Larson                                      Financial Advisor

Eggers Electric                                                                  Electric Motors, Winco generators

Farm Credit Services of Mandan                                        Farm Financial Services

Farm Rescue                                                                     Planting, Harvesting and Haying Assistance

Farm and Ranch Guide                                                 Farm Publication and Media

Farmers Choice Seed                                                    Seed

First International Bank & Trust                                 Financial Services

Flagpole Solutions                                                          Titan Flag Poles

FM Forklift                                                                         Forklifts

Fornshell Enterprises LLC                                             GPS Guidance and Machine Control (Ag Leader)

Freedom Financial                                                          Financial Planning

Full Throttle Motorsports                                            Kawasaki ATV's & Side-by-sides

Garage Logic                                                                     Flooring & Cabinets

Gateway Building Systems                                          Farm & Commercial Ag Buildings

General Equipment & Supplies Inc                          Construction Equipment, Wheel loader skid steer

Gold Label Feeds                                                            Cattle Handling Equipment

Great Plains Rehabilitation Services                        Home & Vehicle Medical Equipment & Accessories

Gregorian Inc.                                                                  Calf Shelter

Haugen Sales & Leasing                                                 Mixer Wagon, Feeder Box, Hay Grinder

Hefty Seed Company/Agronomy Solutions          Seed, chemicals, fertilizer

High Plains Apache                                                        Sprayer

Hotsy                                                                                  Pressure washers

Hot Springs Spas                                                             Spas, Olhausen Billiards, Finnleo Saunas, Sunrooms

Independent Beef Association of ND                     Livestock Organization

IntelliFarms Northern Division, Inc.                         Grain Gauge/Bin Manager

J & K Grain Bins Sales & Construction                     Grain Bins, Aeration Fans, Floor Unloading Systems

Legacy Seeds/Quality Seed Genetics                     Corn, soybean, alfalfa, silage corn

Legend Seeds Inc.                                                          Seed and Biologicals

Leingang Home Center                                                 Windows, Siding, Cabinets, Roofing, Decks, Sunrooms

Lewis Cattle Oilers                                                          Lewis Cattle Oilers

Little Iron Toys                                                                 Farm toy show

M & M Ag Sales                                                                  Livestock Equipment

Mertes Implement                                                        Walinga Agri-Vac

Messner Farm Seed & Supplies/Concept Ind.     Concept Bins, Kenworth Heater Box, Soaring Eagle Conveyers

Midcontinent Livestock Supplements                    Low moisture, molasses lick tubs

Midwest Doors                                                                 Overhead doors, openings

Midwest Dragline                                                           Dams, Dugouts, Wildlife Ponds

Minn-Dak Growers                                                        Buyer market for Mustard & Buckwheat

Minnesota Pneumatic                                                  Tools

Minnesota Valley Irrigation                                        Irrigation Equipment

Missouri Valley Petroleum                                          Fuel & Lubricants

Morand Industries, LTD                                                 Livestock equipment, loading chute

Moritz Sport & Marine                                                  ATV's

Morton Buildings                                                            Post Frame Buildings

Mustang Seeds                                                                 Corn & soybean seed

Napoleon Livestock Auction, Inc.                             Livestock Marketing & Sales

National Weather Service                                             NOAA  Weather, water, climate

ND Association Rural Electric Cooperatives           Trade Association for Coops

ND Crop Improvement and Seed Association      Uniting The Agricultural Community

ND Flagpole Guy                                                             Made in USA Flags, FlagPoles, Clothing

ND Gold Prospectors Association                             Raffle Tickets

ND Living                                                                            Magazine

ND Rural Water Systems Association                      Water/Well Education

ND Stockmen's Association                                        Association Information

ND Weed Control Association                                   Weed control education

Norstar Steel                                                                    Steel Buildings

Northern Lights Ag                                                         Seed Distributor

Northwest Tire                                                               Tires

NTD No Till Drill                                                                 After market air seeder parts

OK Tire Stores                                                                  Tires

Onward Ag                                                                        Aqua-Yield, Calcine

Open Road Honda                                                          ATV's, UTV's & Honda Power Equipment

Outlaw Tarp Repair/Agri-Cover                                 Ag tarps, boat tarps, covers

Pifer's Auction & Realty Land Sales

Pioneer Hi-Bred Seed                                                   Seed

Pomp's Tire Service                                                        Car to Farm Tires & Service

Prairie Knights Casino                                                    Slot Machine

Premier Equipment SD                                                 New Holland, Mac Don, Krume, NDE, Brault

Premiere Building Systems Inc.                                 Steel Buildings 

Pro Ag Solutions                                                              Seed/Custom Application

Proseed                                                                              Seed

Puklich Chevrolet                                                            Chevrolet Trucks

Quantum Ag                                                                     Seed, fertilizer and ag products

Rakow Financial Network                                            Financial Planning & Insurance

RDO Equipment                                                                   John Deere Equipment

Red E, LLC                                                                          Aftermarket Air Seeder Parts

Redox - Pan Ag                                                                 Aqua Yield Fertilizer

Red River Commodities                                                 Sunflower contracts

RKJ Buildings                                                                     Post Frame Buildings

Runnings                                                                            Farm Supplies, Feed

Safety Zone Calf Catchers                                           ATV Calf Catcher

Schaeffer's Specialized Lubricants                           Lubricants, oils, grease, fuel additives, Crop Enhancers

Schirado Inventions                                                        Schirado Grease Gun, Mailbox Clip, Schirado Remote Controlled Gate

Sea Foam                                                                           Motor Treatment products

Securian Financial Advisors of ND                            Financial Advisor

Security First Bank                                                          Financial services

Shetler's Construction                                                  Agricultural, Residential and Commercial Builder

Simmer's Agency                                                             Medicare Specialist, Health Insurance, Group Health Plans

Spring Butte Repair, LLC                                                    Diesel Repair Shop

Steffes Group                                                                  Auctioneers

Stine Seed                                                                         Corn and Soybeen Seed

Summit Carbon Solutions                                             Medicare Specialist, Health Insurance, Group Health Plans

Sunrich Sunflower contracts

Swanston Equipment Co.                                            Skid Steer with Attachments

Taghon Angus                                                                  Livestock Squeeze Chutes

The Bathroom Store                                                      Bathroom remodeling

The Willow Creek Boutique                                        Western Jewelry, accessory & clothing boutique

The Window & Door Store                                          Windows/Doors

Thomas Vetter Water Tanks                                      Rubber Tire Water Tanks

Touchstone Energy Cooperative                                         Electric Cooperative

Trees on the Move/Shelterbelt Solutions             Shelterbelt removal, tree sales and tree transplanting   

Vision Zero                                                                        Traffic Safety Strategy

Ulrich Manufacturing                                                    Cattle panels, windbreak panels

Uriar Turner Painting                                                     Home, Workplace, Barn, and Industrial Painter

Valley Grain Milling                                                        Grain Buyer

Vitalix                                                                                  Livestock Supplements

Wald Fencing                                                                    Promold Dealer, Livestock Fencing

Wall of Honor                                                                   Digital Billboard Showcasing North Dakotans

Weigel Chopping                                                             Custom Forage Harvesting

West Dakota Dog Watch                                               Hidden Fences/Hidden Pet Fences

West River Equipment                                                  Penta TMR Mixers, Dump boxes, tillage equipment

Western Products                                                           Seamless siding, windows, gutters, Patriot entry doors, Leaf-Away

Workforce Safety & Insurance                                  Information on workers comp & safety programs

Yanish Custom Exteriors               Siding,Windows, Facia, Gutters

Your Home Improvement                                           Home improvement, windows, doors, siding, bathrooms          

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