Traveler Blames Mother After TSA Finds Gun In His Luggage


A Maryland man was arrested after Transportation Security Administration agents found a collapsible .40 caliber rifle in his carry on bag when he attempted to go through security at Baltimore Washington International Airport (BWI). 22-year-old Ryan Moore was shocked after he was pulled aside and told there was an unloaded weapon in his bag.

The TSA agents contacted the Maryland Transportation Authority Police, who confiscated the gun and arrested Moore. He tried to explain to the agents that the gun was likely placed in the bag by his mother, who had packed it before he left. He was charged with illegally possessing a firearm, violating airport security procedures and having a weapon in an airport.

The gun was the 20th that agents at BWI have seized in 2018. The number of people attempting to fly with guns continues to increase, with a record-setting 3,957 firearms discovered in carry-on bags at U.S. airports in 2017. 

Photo: TSA


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