WATCH: Man Flashes Gun At News Crew During Report On Gun Violence

Authorities in Chicago have asked the public for help identifying a man who pointed a gun at a news crew during a live broadcast around 7 a.m. Wednesday (May 25) morning. WFLD reporter Joanie Lum was in the middle of a live segment on gun violence in the city when an unidentified man walked behind her, brandishing a gun.

The man pointed the gun toward the camera and then continued to walk away. As the suspect made his way down the street, he lifted the gun up and pointed it towards the road as he skipped away.

The Chicago Police Department released several photos of the suspect holding a coffee cup. They said that the man is considered a person of interest and is accused of aggravated assault with a firearm.

According to CWB Chicagopolice responded to an incident at a Starbucks several blocks away involving a man who looked similar to the suspect seen in the video. However, it is unclear if the two incidents are related.

Lum appeared unphased by the scary incident. Later in the day, she addressed the situation on Twitter, saying: "After an eventful day the question was cake or beer? I chose cake. Was I wrong? 😁"

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