Wife Of 49ers Captain Says She 'Didn't Feel Safe' Among Eagles Fans

Photo: @sydneywarner/Instagram

Sydney Warner, the wife of San Francisco 49ers captain and linebacker Fred Warner, said she "didn't feel safe" among Philadelphia Eagles fans at Lincoln Financial Field during the NFC Championship Game last Sunday (January 29).

Warner, a former contestant on The Bachelor prior to her relationship with the NFL star, detailed her experience in a post shared on her TikTok account in which she claimed she would never attend another game in Philadelphia.

"I just didn't feel very safe," Warner said. "Fred told me not to wear any red. I did end up wearing a red bag but I had to end up hiding it underneath my jacket because people were doing the 'F yous' and the shoving and that whole thing so I definitely covered it.

"But then I was at the concession stand and this guy saw it, and, you know, he was drunk, so I'll give him that. But he got in my face and this other Eagles fan saw it and was like, 'hey man, you better chill out.'"

Warner said she tried to leave early to avoid the crowd but ended up being "surrounded" by Eagles fans in a tunnel and claims to have witnessed a woman with a baby being viciously heckled by fans.

"The way they were just like, 'go home, go home,' like, that's fine, I get it, go home, but, 'oh, like I hope your plane crashes?' I just...Listen, I'm all about passion, but never again. Never," Warner added.

The Eagles clinched their fourth Super Bowl appearance in franchise history with a 31-7 win against the 49ers on Sunday that was propelled by a strong rushing attack.

Philadelphia jumped out to a 7-0 lead after a 6-yard touchdown run by Miles Sanders in the first quarter and scored 24 unanswered points after facing a 7-7 second quarter tie. Sanders scored again on a 13-yard run in the second quarter, which was followed by a 10-yard rushing touchdown by Boston Scott on the ensuing offensive possession.

Eagles quarterback Jalen Hurts scored on a 1-yard touchdown run in the third quarter and finished Sunday's game with 121 yards on 15 of 25 passing. San Francisco quarterback Brock Purdy suffered a right elbow injury during the 49ers' opening drive and was limited to just four passes for 23 yards.

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