WATCH: 10-Year-Old Boy Takes Stolen Construction Equipment For Joyride

A highly manoeuvrable construction vehicle with a jackhammer attached is parked at a work site with a city street being repaired in the background.

Photo: Sergii Petruk / iStock / Getty Images

A ten-year-old boy from Pennsylvania left a path of destruction across Pittsburgh's Brookline neighborhood after stealing a construction vehicle. Police said that the boy stole a Bobcat from a nearby construction site and took it on a joyride through the area, causing damage to cars and property along the way.

Neighbors described the destruction to WTAE.

"I couldn't make out a face, but I did take a mental note that the person driving it did seem a little bit short," Lucy Sullivan told the news station. "They were wearing a hard hat with a headlamp, so it was quite bright — and you couldn't really see his face.

"As soon as I heard the crash and I heard beeping, I was like, 'I know it's my car,'" Taylor Shea said. "I just knew it. I didn't know it'd be a Bobcat, though."

She said that the damage to her car was minimal. However, another neighbor said the boy caused over $15,000 to his vehicle.

Officers with the Mount Lebanon Police Department tracked down the boy about an hour later. He was released into the custody of his parents. It is unclear what charges, if any, the young boy is facing.

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