WATCH: Florida Man Swings Machete At Another Man In 'Road Rage' Attack

Photo: Miami-Dade Corrections

A Florida man was thrown in jail after he was caught on camera swinging a machete during what police called a "road rage" incident last week. The Miami Springs Police Department arrested 61-year-old Luis Ruiz-Herrera on Monday (October 2) for aggravated battery with a deadly weapon over the attack, NBC 6 reports.

Police said the incident happened Friday (September 29) in the area of Northwest 42nd Avenue near Northwest 36th Street. An arrest report states a man armed with a machete stepped out of his vehicle and approached someone who was riding a motor scooter. The victim got off his scooter and tried backing away, but the machete-wilding man managed to swipe at the victim and hit him on the left side of his face, according to authorities.

Dash camera footage caught the shocking moment Herrera attacked the scooter driver, who dips out of the way of a lethal strike.

"He did what I call his best 'Matrix' impersonation because he dodged back, and he was just caught with the tip," Miami Springs Police Chief Armando Guzman told reporters, adding that the scooter driver wasn't seriously hurt.

Officers said the intense dispute stemmed from "a road rage incident and was caught on video by a third-party motorist who was also in traffic, directly behind the scooter." After identifying the suspect, Miami Springs Police investigators confronted Herrera. The 61-year-old reportedly confessed to his crimes.

"When you actually see it first-hand, it's quite shocking," Guzman said. "Somebody cuts me off, personally, I just let it go."

NBC 6 revealed he was granted a $10,000 bond in court and ordered to stay away from the victim.

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