Residents Fear Serial Killer On The Loose After 10 Bodies Pulled From Lake

Forensic scientist on a crime scene collecting evidence

Photo: Dejan Mirkovic / iStock / Getty Images

Residents in Austin, Texas, fear that a serial killer may be roaming the streets after ten bodies have been pulled from Lady Bird Lake over the past 20 months.

Several locals spoke with KTBC and expressed concerns that the Austin Police Department isn't doing enough to keep people safe.

"I feel like there is a connection, and there is something going on at Lady Bird Lake, and the police are choosing not to do anything about it. They need to take action. People are hurting out here. My son is 12. He is never going to get his dad back ever. These families that have lost their loved ones are never going to get their loved ones back," Reegan Aparicio told the news station.

Aparicio said that her child's father, 30-year-old Chris Clark, was found dead in the lake last April.

"In recent months, we have seen Austin police kind of going up and down the trail with their horses, but yeah, with this back, it definitely does concern me that they are not able to find out who is doing this," said Abdul Tabbakha, who lives near Lady Bird Lake.

Despite the concerns, the Austin Police have said the deaths are not related. They said at least two of the deaths were accidental drownings and that they found no evidence of foul play in four of the deaths.

However, they did say that two of the deaths were being investigated as homicides. Still, police said the deaths appear unrelated and unlikely the work of a serial killer.

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