Video: Strange Sasquatch Flier Has Vermont Town Buzzing

A small town in Vermont finds itself in the national spotlight thanks to a strange flier which declared that the prolonged closure of a local bridge was not due to Sasquatch. The weird notice reportedly appeared affixed to a post office bulletin board in the community of Bradford last week. Consisting of a simple plain text on a piece of paper, the flier likely went unnoticed at first until one resident realized that it featured a rather odd message.

The flier states that "we would like to put to rest any and all rumors" regarding a bridge in the town which has been closed for the last year. The anonymous author goes on to assure residents that the site's lengthy inaccessibility is "due primarily to deck replacement and NOT because of a displacement of or intrusion on a 'Sasquatch' or Bigfoot, either a single creature or several." The notice goes on to declare that "this is absolutely untrue and frankly, quite ludicrous" while grousing that "these rumors born of agitated imaginations are to be ignored and disregarded."

Find out more about this very weird story at the Coast to Coast AM website.

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