Dakota Talk 2/23/24 10am w/Michael Bell

Dakota Talk 2/23/24 9am w/Michael Bell

NDNG and more!

Kafe 2/22/24 4pm: more with Trent "Onthe" Loos

As the Daryl Lies search continues...

Kafe 2/22/24 3pm: Trent "Onthe" Loos!

Where in the world is Daryl Lies?

Dakota Talk 2/22/24 10am w/Michael Bell

Public Service Commissioner Julie Fedorchak joins

Dakota Talk 2/22/24 9am w/Michael Bell

Jerry Klein, Assistant Majority Leader of the ND Senate, joins

Kafe 2/21/24 3pm w/Daryl Lies: Watchdog Wednesday!

ND State Auditor Josh Gallion joins

Kafe 2/21/24 4pm w/Daryl Lies: more Watchdog Wednesday!

Dustin Gawrylow with WatchingND.com joins

Kafe 2/20/24 4:30pm Todd Mitchell w/David Fischer

Hard Landing of the Economy. Massive National Debt being refinanced. What leaders are saying and is the government doing anything about it? Two of the most asked questions about Gold and Silver, which were asked at the seminar. Reach David at 844-604-2575 or landmarkgold.com !

Dakota Talk 2/21/24 10am w/Michael Bell

Brian Lunde, ND News Cooperative, joins