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It's All Good--Even When It's Not

A Timely Invitation

Jesus provides unlimited living water that refreshes us and is meant to be shared.

Responses to Suffering

Why does God allow suffering? The answer cannot be that God is indifferent or detached from our pain.

Reason to Hope

A brand-new violin needs to mature through time and use. The same goes for followers of Christ.


Prosperity preachers promise health, wealth, and happines--but that's not what Christians should expect.

Bridge Builders

Dr. Michael Zeigler talks about the "air bridge" that saved a city and the cross-shaped bridge God built to break a spiritual blockade.

The Man Who Will Be King

Anticipation, preparation, and action are the traits that make great leaders--and great followers of Christ, the King of kings.

Encore Easter Message -- Remembering Pr. Klaus

Easter may be past--but it isn't over! Learn how we can bring the hope and glad good news of Christ's resurrection into the lives of those we meet.

He Is Risen, Indeed

Christ's resurrection affects everyone—even those who don't believe it happened.

The Lutheran Hour Holy Week Special - Holy Thursday